Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Hi Everyone - Since it has been a while I have decided to put a post on here. The Watson house is full of life and energy as usual. This past weekend my brother Matt was here from Michigan and bought a car from Mike. It was a short but wonderful visit. I miss my family and friends in Michigan and always love seeing them.

The boys are just hanging out this summer and waiting for the school year to begin in a few weeks. They are all done with sports for now, but we are hoping to get up and running in the Fall by trying out some new sports like soccer and basketball. Austin has returned from Rochester and the USA Develpoment Camp. It went well and resulted in him receiving a profile sheet from the USA National Developent Program. He filled it out and sent it in and then they will scout him this year. He goes to camp in Traverse City next week. Maggie is now 10 months old and takes a few steps at a time on her own. I can hardy believe she is almost one. Oh where does the time go!!

Asfar as life here not much is new. Mike is working hard selling Toyotas at the largest Toyota dealership in Southwest Florida. He is doing well. We are praying for a couple of miracles though and would appreciate if you could join us in praying that - 1) our van could be fixed. The engine went on it 3 month ago and we just do not have the extra to pay for the repair. Please pary that God provides for this. It is very hard on myself and the boys since we can't go anywhere and school activities will be starting soon. I also worry about if there is an emergency adn I have to leave... 2) Pray for money for school books. I need to purchse them soon and as of now just do not have the money. God is good and I know he will provide. Please pray that we are able to purchase our books in a timely manner. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and prayers. I know these may seem minor but they comsume my thoughts as I try to figure out where to find the money for these two major areas.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Naples Zoo

Hi To All - Yesterday was a great day for the Watson Clan. We took a trip to the Naples Zoo. Mike was given free tickets for the whole family! We arrived there at 10:00am and stayed until 3:30pm. We saw all kinds of cool animals like lemurs, spider monkeys, IndoChinese Tigers, Lions, Panthers, snakes of all kinds, the Alligators being fed chickens, and much more!!! The kids had sooo much fun as did Mike and I. Here are a few Pictures. From top Left clockwise - Maggie enjoying the view from the Monkey Cruise we took - the boys waiting in line for the cruise - Mike, Mikey, Austin, Ben and Christian - Austin trying to get Christian to pet the snake while Kolbe tries to decide if he should take a turn :)