Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I was tagged ....

Yea!! this is the first time I have been tagged by anyone to do a Meme!! Thanks to my dear friend Ruth who tagged me! You can find her at Just Another Day in Paradise under my links!

Here it goes...

When was the last time I ...
1. kissed someone? About 15 minutes ago when I kissed R.J. and Mikey good night

2. drank coffee? About a year ago when my sister came to visit from Michigan.

3. read a book? Tonight - I read a story to the younger boys before bed.

4. cursed? I am bad - today when I was angry at smeone is the house - a bad habit of mine that I am trying to break.

5. had a nightmare? A month or so ago

6. checked your email? An hour ago.

7. Had a crush? 19 months ago when little Maggie was born. I always have crushes on my babies:)

8. drove a car? Yesterday

9. rode a roller coaster? Three years ago

10. took a nap? Yesterday afternoon

11. went to the movies? Two weeks ago with my hubby Mike

12. drank alcohol? About 1 week ago.

13. went to a party? 6 months ago - My hubby's work Christmas party

14. said “I love you"? a couple of hours ago to the kids after I said "good night"

15. cooked a meal? This evening - we had popcorn chicken and mac n cheese.

16. exercised? A couple of months ago.

I am not sure how to tag others on the neat way Ruth did it. She put our links on there so when you click our names you can go to our blogs. I am going to try it so here it goes -

I tag - Katie (Redheadmama), Bridget (Our Magnum Opus), and Sharon ( The Bird's Nest) - I can't figure out how to add their links but they are on the links part of my blog!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cystic Fibrosis.

Please Please click on the link and watch this touching video. It is of a very dear little boy - the nephew of my best friend. Watch the video, pass it on, and help the fight against cystic fibrosis in any way you can!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Video of Austin's goal

Click on the link to watch Austin score an amazing goal. Be patient though because it is towards the end of the clip.

This is from a scrimmage they played in Finland.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!! Alleluia Christ is Risen!!!

What a joyous celeration we had for Easter this year!!

Friday night Jen and John came over and took us all out to Toys R Us. They very generously bought Easter gifts for all of the kids. Saturday Jenny, John, and Jacob came over to spend the day. We hung out and colored Easter Eggs. That night the adults went out for dinner and an Everblades Hockey game.

Sunday we got up and went to 8:30 Mass. After Mass we went to the parish hall for some refreshments and visiting. Next we headed home for a wonderful brunch of bacon, sausage, and omelets prepard by Mike. While Mike made brunch I put together Easter baskets. After delving into Easter baskets Mike, Maggie, and I all took about an hour nap. After naps it was time to head out to Jen and John's for Easter festivites. We ate, drank, and the boys played outside a lot. It was a great time of visiting and relaxing. Mike and John even played a whiffle ball game with the kids! Though we missed Austin we kept up on his hockey via the blog and tournament website.

Wishing you all a Blessed and Joyful Easter Season!!!

The Pictures are of the Nate, Ben, Jacob and Christian getting ready to color Easter eggs. Our family after Mass. Maggie in her beautiful Easter dress. Kolbe, Ben, Christian, and Nate with their Easter baskets. I wanted to add more but the blog wouldn't let me - lol!

Mikey's Birthday

Mikey had a few celebrations for his birthday. These pictures are from the celebration with Mike's Mom, Grandpa, and Grandma. We had a great time. We hung out at the new house, Grammy took the older boys out for haircuts and new shoes for some, they gave the kids some Easter gifts, and we went out to eat at a nice restaurant called Rum Runners. It was such a good time. We do not get to see them all as often as we would like and so we really enjoyed our visit.
Mikey also had friend over to spend the night the actual day of his birthday and then the next day my Sister, her husband and my nephew came over and we celebrated some more! I would say Mikey had a very good birthday this year.
For his birthday he received a bowling ball, a bag, and bowling shoes, a new bat, some money, a Nerf dart game he wanted and more! Quite a haul if I do say so myself.
We love Mikey very much and we are proud of the wonderful young man he is becoming. It is so hard to believe that my sweet little Mikey is already 12! He has such a huge heart and is very responsible. Our prayer for him is that he continues to grow in maturity and in his love for God and His Church.
The pictures are of Mikey, Grammy. and Mike. Grandpa Weertz Maggie, Nate, and Christian. Grandma Weertz and Ben. The cake I made from an idea in Family Fun magazine.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Video Greeting From Sweden

Click here to see a video greeting from Austin's team in Sweden. Austin is the 7th one to introduce himself. It is so sweet:) It is good to see that handsome face!! I hope you all like it.

The tournament is going well. They are in the quarter finals and Austin is third in points - goals and assists - for the entire tournament!! We are very proud of him and his team.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Off to Sweden

Today my son Austin and my Mom and Dad headed of to Sweden for 12 days. They are going to watch Austin participate in an international tournament as part of a prospects team called the East Coast Selects.! We are very proud of him. He is excited and so are we. What a great opportunity to play hockey while representing the United States and getting to vist a new country.

If I was independently wealthy we would be there in a heart beat. We are fortunate that there is a website we can access that keeps us up on how the team is doing as a whole and individually. I am sure Dad will take lots of pictures for me to post later. Your prayers for safe travels and a good time for all would be appreciated.

The first picture is ofmy Mom and Dad and the second is one of Austin playing last summer.

Here is the link to the tournament information for those who want to check it out. You have to click on the British flag on the bottom of the page to get it in English.

Sweden Tournament.

Here is a blog that is tracking the tounament highlights. Austin is on ECS 92's or east Coast Selects 92.

Monday, April 02, 2007

My New Hair Cut

Today I was able to get a very nice haircut thanks to my brother-in-law and sister and my Mike.

My sister and brother-in-law helped me to be able to afford a nice haircut complete with pampering and Mike watched the kids so I could get away for about an hour and a half. It was wonderful. I love my haircut!!! Thank you all - I hope you all like it as much as I do.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mary Kay Reminder

Hi All - I just wanted to remind you there is still time to order your MaryKay. My siser and I are hosting an online party. It is a great opportunity to order for yourself or someone else. think about palcing an order for Mother's Day and pamper yourself or another Mother in your life:)

For ordering details see my previous post - It's MaryKay time!!