Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Final 40 Camp is Over....

Hi all. Austin is done with the final 40 camp for the USA NTDP. Now comes the waiting. He played very well and even had 5 goals in one game! They will start making the calls on Thursday and we will be told one of three things: We are offering you a spot on the team; We are going to keep watching you; Thank You for coming out and Good Luck in the future.

Obviously we hope to hear the first one! I will keep you updated and now we await his arrival home this evening for the week. We miss him and can't wait to see him tonight. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Happy 13th Birthday Mikey

Today is Mikey's 13th Birthday! I can't believe I now have two teenagers! Mikey is such a wonderful young man and I am soo proud of him. He has a huge heart and is always the first to help me when I need it. He is always the first to share with his siblings too. We are so blessed by his smile and good attitude. We love you Mikey!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ben's Game Ball

On Holy Thursday, while I was at Mass, Ben was playing his baseball game.

Ben is one of two nine year olds on a Major Team - the highest level in Little League. He has been adjusting to the faster pitching and struggling a bit at bat. Well Thursday he had his first hit in the Majors - a double and with it an RBI. His coach gave him the game ball!!! We are all so proud of him. Go Ben!!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Final 40 Camp This Weekend

Today Austin started his weekend at the USA National Team Development Program Final 40 camp. This is the final 40 players from the 1992 birth year to be invited to tryout for the U17 USA NTDP Team. This group of 40 is from the entire United States os it is an honor and privilege to be invited to attend and an even bigger honor to be chosen for the team.

Please pray for him that God guide him through this camp weekend and that he play his best and use his gifts for God's glory. I will let you know when we get word of how the weekend is going and if they offer him a spot this weekend, wait out the 7 day period, or if he does not make it....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maggie's Dora Bed

Maggie just LOVES Dora. We watch lots and lots of Dora. I have been wanting to get her this Dora set of a pillow case, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet,and comforter for a long time. I finally found it at Target and snatched it up. I also have been waiting for the Dora jammies she is wearing to go on sale at Target and they were on sale the same day so now she is in Dora heaven. When I put on the bedding she said, "Oh this is pretty". She is such a girl.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Baby is Driving!!!

Last week on Tuesday Austin got his driver's license. It is so hard to believe that he can drive - alone!!! He is loving the freedom but is finding out rather quickly that gas is expensive. I am glad that in Michigan he can only have one other person in the car with him at a time. It cuts down on distractions. So far he is doing a great job and is giving my parents some freedom too. I can't wait til next week when he gets here so he can run my errands. I have waited a long 16 years to say to him "Go get me some milk."; " I am out of bread - go to the store" It is going to be nice!!!! Now we just keep asking his Guardian Angel to protect him when he drives:)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

We lost!

I am sad to tell you all that Compuware fell to Ceasars 4-1 this evening. We scored first but then let them back into the game. After scoring one goal they scored two more within a coupe of minutes. Then they scored an empty netter at the end of the game.

I am so proud of Austin and all he has accomplished with his team mates. His next stop is the USA National Team Development Program Final 40 camp Easter weekend. Please pray for him that he can achieve his goal of playing for the USA NTDP.

Go Comp!!!!!

Today Austin and his team - Compuware play for the State Championship. So far this week we have gone undefeated and today is do or die. If we beat Little Cesars we go onto Nationals in Buffalo New York. If Cesar's wins we are done.

I am very proud for Austin and his team and how well they have played. I will post as soon as I know the results this evening.

Go Austin and Go Comp!!!