Monday, March 26, 2007

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Fishing is FUN!!!

When my Dad came for his visit he bought the boys all fishing pools. They are so ecited. We live on a basin where three canals intersect. In the basin are bass and carp. These are pics of the boys and their cousin enjoying fishing off our dock and sea wall.

The bottom two show R.J. and Kolbe with their bass. So far they are the only ones who have caught a fish. We are really enjoying our new home and all the fun things to do here.

Grandpa's Visit

My Dad came down for a visit from Michigan this past week. We had such a good time!! The kids have not sen him for quite a long time - over a year!! We spent time swimming, fishing, watching baseball, and just hanging out.

One if the nights he was here just the adults went out for dinner. It was such a good time. We celebrated a belated birthday for my Dad and enjoyed each other's company. The first picture is from that night out. From left to right is - my Aunt Chari, her Aunt Evelyn, Mike, my Unlce Dan ( my dad's younger brother), me, my Dad, my sister Jenny, and her husband John.

The other pics are of my brother-in-law John fishing in our backyard, Me and the kiddos with Dad, and my nephew Jacob withBen in our pool. We are really looking forward to having more visitors this week and in May. This week Mike's Mom and his Grandparents are coming in to see the new house and in May my Mom and sister Chris come in for a short visit.

Keep visiting my blog for pics from those visits:)

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's Marykay Time!!!

My Sister Jenny and I are hosting an online MaryKay Party!! Anyone can order just follow the instructions on the invitation below.

Shop for yourself, for gifts, for a friend etc. I hope you all find something suited just for your particular needs.

Love - Mary

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Just go to and follow the online instructions. Please don’t forget to include your shipping address. Credit cards are accepted for online orders. In the message/notes area, please include Jenny Party so your order will count towards Jenny’s total to earn great gifts!

Should you have any questions, you can always contact me at the information below.
Gina Dengler
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nate Swimming!

Nate has been afraid to swim. He has been wearing a life vest in the pool since we moved in. A couple of days ago I convinced him to put a "bubble" in the back of suit and try to swim with it.
What we do is take one arm swimmie and put it in the back of their swim suit. It bouys them up and them they learn to swim with as little interference as possible.
He was a little nervous at first, but as you can see he took to it quickly. Only two days of that and now he is swimming completely on his own! We are so proud of him. Way to go Nate!!!

I can do it myself!

Ms. Maggie is very independant. I tried to feed her this yogurt and she was not going for it. She had to do it all by herself. I must say that for 17 months old she did a pretty good job! By the time she was finished there was yogurt all over her, her tray, and the floor, but at least she did by herself - lol!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Budding Scholar

In the past week or so Maggie has decided she wants to read and color!! The first pics show her readng my mail to me. She sat on the floor and would take the mail and start to babble like she was reading to me. It was sooo cute.
Tody she sat with her crayons and paper and colored with Christian. She likes to color and then she was showing me her work. I can't wait to homeschool her!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Flu!!!

Well this is what our house loooks like right now - the face of the flu!! For the past 5 or 6 days my kids have had a fever, headaches, some earaches, the little ones have rashes, and vomiting!! They cry out in pain and are miserable. I can't wait until this is over!!!! As you can tell they are ready for it to be over too. Today a couple of them are better - now we wait for the rest to heal up. Your prayers are appreciated!!