Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Dearest Heidi - this is my Happy Birthday tribute to you.

You are such a wonderful, inspiring, and awesome person. You are loved and give love freely. Most important you are such a strong woman of God and such a good mother, wife, friend, and more. I am so grateful that you are my best friend. You are always there for me and mean more to me than I can say.

We sure have been through a lot together. Through it all - the good, the bad, and the ugly - our friendship has flourished. I love our phone conversations - every day if we can manage them. I love that we pray for each other and support each other. I love that I will be seeing you again in person soon. I love you!!!

May God Bless you this next year and continue to give you the desires of your heart. I love

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Next Joan of Arc?

Maggie continues to entertain us with the thing she does. Yesterday she put on Kolbe's armour he bougth with his birthday money. She was just too funny. I think she is training to be the next Joan of Arc. Lord knows I could use a saint in the family to pray me straight to heaven - lol!!

Happy Birthday to My June Babies

Happy Birthday to R.J. and Kolbe!

R.J. turned 10 on the 19th! He was such a sweet and easy going baby! We were always kissing him. He has grown up to be such a good add happy kid. He is playing 9/10 All Stars in baseball right now and doing well. I look forward to watching him continue to grow up.

Kolbe was born today - June 23rd. He was so darn cute!! everyone said right from the start that he looked just like his brother Mikey. We call him Mikey's mini-me. Kolbe is still adorable! He has the biggest smile. He is an energetic kid who loves to play play play!!!

This year the boys had a joint birthday party. I is the first time in over 3 years they have been able to have a party. Each one invited three friends to come and swim, fish, have pizza and cupcakes. It was a great time.

The first picture is R.J. at his 9 year old All Star game.

The second is Kolbe and his friend Cody showing off their matching toothless smiles.

Third is The boys with their friends playing video games at their party .

Fourth is the kids at the party swimming in our pool and 5th is some of the kids fishing off our dock.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day to the Men in My Life

Happy Father's Day to My Dad, My Husband, and My Father-in-law.
First to my Dad. I love you and am thankful for the life you gave me. You have always been a loving, wise, and kind father. You worked hard to provide things for us and always gave us love. You made sure we knew the value of hard work and also when to have fun and play. You showed us responsibility, love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Most importantly you showed us faith. Your example of praying and trusting in God, going to Mass every Sunday, and steeping us in our faith has made me the woman I am today. I love you Dad!!
To my husband. I have known you a very long time - since we were 12. There has always been "something" betweewn us. I love you very much. I am so grateul for the wonderful Father you are to my children. You love them unconditionally, you rear them to be men, and you work so very hard to provide for them. Thank you for being the dad you are and for giving me such beautiful children who love you and admire you.
To my father-in-law I thank you for being there to support us. You are a very kind, faith filled, and loving man. You also have much wisdom and share generously with us. I thank you for all you have done for us and for the example you have been to Mike. Thank you also for always lending an ear and for praying for us unfailingly.
Again - to the men in my life - Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Visit

The second weekend in May - From the 11th to the 14th - My Mom and Oldest sister came down to Florida for a visit. We had such a great time. The 11th was Jake's First Communion and Confirmation, the 12th was my sister Chris's birthday, the 13th was Mother's Day, and May 15th and 30th were mine and Jenny's birthdays.
We were able celebrate together and it was soo awesome. Friday night we attended Jake's sacraments after a day of playing at my house. Saturday we all watched R.J. and Mikey play baseball, we swam in our pool, and then we went out to dinner to celebrate Chris' birthday. Sunday we went on a girls day out. We went shopping all after noon and then had a very relaxing and wonderful dinner at a restaurant called The Melting Pot. It is a delicious fondue restuarant. Monday we hung out together and then they left for Michigan. We had such a great time together. What a special weekend.
the pics are 1) Me, Mom, Jenny, and Chris. 2) Mom, Jenny, and Chris in the pool. 3) Kolbe and Grandma.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Nate's Birthday Round Two

Here are a few more pictures from Nate's birthday celebration. We celebrated a week after his actual birthday since my Mom and Sister were here for a visit. The first picture is Nate showing his fishing gear from Mom and Dad. The next is his cake. Last is Nate with his cousin Jake and his brother Ben.