Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sending Kids to School This Year

Well we have decided to stop homeschooling at this point and put the kids into school. Here in Michigan we have found a great charter school to send them to. So far Mikey and RJ are in and the other 3 boys are at the top of their waiting lists.

I must say that I am very glad and sad at the same time. I knew that I could not do it right now. With 5 to school, two under 5 at home, and a new baby coming I felt like it was impossible. I know it is not as many of my dear friends do it, but my temperament couldn't handle it. the boys are getting behind, they want to go to school, and I am feeling very overwhelmed and unable to handle the load of school work, housework, and life in general. I must say too that I want to sit back and enjoy this baby with no pressure to get back to school.

On the other hand we loved the freedom homeschooling allowed us. We were getting into a nice rhythm. It is also a sacrifice to send them and entrust them to someone else. I am nervous about how they will do but at the same time I know I have great kids with a strong faith and a great parish that provides excellent formation for the kids.

I will surely keep everyone updated on our adventures this year and God Bless you all during this school year whether at home or school.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Yes - I took these myself:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Family Together Again

On Sunday My Family was together in the same place for the first time in almost five years. About 5 years ago Mike and I moved to Florida and then about 6 months later My sister Jenny and her family also moved down to Florida. Since that time we have not all been in the same place at the same time.

Sunday My parents and my siblings were all together again. It was sooo great to just relax and hang out at my parents with everyone. It was just like old times again when we would do this at least every other Sunday!

The pics are :

#1 - Jenny, Matt, Me and Chris

#2 - Back Row: RJ, Maggie, Kolbe, my Nephew Jake, & Ben
Front Row - Mikey, Christian, and Nate

#3 - My siblings and I with my Mom and Dad

#4 - All of us with my hubby Mike and Brother-in-law John.

#5 - The girls - Mom, Chris, Jenny and I

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our 14th Anniversary

Today is our 14th Anniversary. We have been through soo much together. Good, bad and ugly. Through it all, by the Grace of God, we have grown and thrived.

We have been blessed with a deep love for each other and out of that love a gorgeous family. I am soo grateful for Mike's Faith, his devotion to us, and how hard he works to take care of us.

Happpy Anniversary Mike. I love you!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pics From Florida

I wanted to post some pics of one of our last outings before leaving. We went out with our dear friends the Jynella's. We had such a good time and miss them a lot.

Enjoy the pics. they are of Bill and Kim and their kids Will and Shane. Also with our family is Jill - Austin's girlfriend.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Lourdes/Paris Pics

Unfortunately since these are from another family members album some are small. Just click on them to see them larger.

It is not working but hopefully you can see them well enough to enjoy them.

ps - The small one of the statue of Mary is from the candle Light Procession in Lourdes they have every night.

Lourdes/Paris Pics

These are all I could find on my computer right now but there are more. I just have to locate the folder - lol.

These are of Lourdes. They are of our hotel, the view from our hotel, the Crown of Mary atop the Basilica and me at the top of the Basilica.

Catching Up

H everyone - since we are all settled in I thought I would do some catching up here.

1 - Lourdes/Paris

Our trip to Lourdes/Paris was a wonderful time. My parents came and watched the kidsos we could enjoy the generous gift of this trip from my in-laws.

When we arrived at the airport to take off for Newark where we were to connect with the family and head to Paris there was a four hour delay. We were able to go into Atlanta instead and then on to Paris where we then connected with everyone for the short flight to Lourdes.

Lourdes was just amazing! We were able to drink the water, pray, go to Confession, drop off petitions at the Grotto and just enjoy our time together. After two days in Lourdes it was off to Paris.

Once in Paris we went for a short tour and had our pictures taken in Front of the Eiffel Tower. After settling in we ate and went to bed. The next day was full of fun and adventure. We went to the Louvre and saw a tiny portion in 2 hours. Then it was off to The Arc D Triomphe and walking and window shopping along the Champs D' Elysses. After that we went shopping for the kids and my parents along what I call "souvenir row". We found everyone something nice and then headed to Notre Dame. We got there just as it was being opened to the public so we actually got to walk around inside. It was just so beautiful.

After a long day wee went on a 4 hour dinner cruise along the Seine with Mike's family. We got to relax, enjoy good food and good company, and see the major sights of Paris from the boat.

The next morning was early departure. After an 8 hour flight to Newark we had a three hour delay. We were both so exhausted after not sleeping on the plane and basically missing out on 24 hours of sleep. Our plane began to board about a half hour late and then the fun began. Once on the plane there were problems with air traffic control and we were told we had about an hour wait on the runway til take off. A half hour later we were informed that because of thunder storms down South no planes were able to take off for Florida or Atlanta. Our plane and about 9 others sat for 5 hours before taking off.

The trip was great but the travel part was rather difficult. I am just grateful we could go.

2 - Moving to Michigan

Our move also had some hitches such as having to pack and drive the truck ourselves instead of having the moving company do it as planned. They came in and tried to charge us double the original quote so we rented a truck ourselves, packed the house in 24 hours, left and made it to Michigan in 2 days. The hardest things were packing the house on short notice and then having to drive the van alone because Mike was driving the moving truck and Austin was driving his car.

When we got here our dear friends came over and helped unload the truck and start the unpacking. We are so grateful and glad to be back.

Since being back we have spent a lot of time with our friends and family . I have been able to go back to my former Ob/GYN who is an amazing pro-life NFP (Natural Family Planning) only OB. We have also been able to enjoy being back at out former parish. So many blessings!!!

3 - News

Mike has now started his new job! So far so good. We are praying that all goes well for years to come. It is a great place to be. Mike has also started working out!! He has gone everyday this week but one and is loving the benefits but not loving the sore muscles.

My Mom is sick so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is being released from the hospital today. After thinking she had a bladder infection they ruled that out when it continued for over a week with no improvement. After a CT Scan they found she has Polycystic Kidney Disease. This means she has cysts on her kidneys. As time progresses - many years - they can cause kidney failure and she may need dialysis or a transplant. It is also genetic. As for now they will treat her symptoms and keep an eye on things treating things as needed.

My sister Jenny and her hubby John are on their way here and will be in tonight for a weeks vacation. It will be the first time in almost 5 years the whole family will be together again. We can't wait!!!!!

That is all for now and I will post Paris pics soon!!!