Thursday, November 29, 2007

Joy And Thankfulness

I just had to post and tell you how happy, excited and absolutely grateful I am today. My hubby finally got a job!! It has been a long 3 months let me tell you. He started working today for a company called Majestic Airport Transportation. He picks people up at the airport and takes them to their destination or else picks them up at home or the hotel to take them to the airport. They pay everyday and he makes 1/2 of each fare ( they are set fares) plus tips. So far he loves it!!

The drawbacks are that he is an independent contractor so there are no benefits. Also the hours are long - 12 to 16 hours per day. The great part is they pay everyday and provide the vehicles (either a van, mini-van or a town car) This is such a good job for him I am sure he will succeed.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed, offered encouragement and just listened when I needed to vent. I love you all and I am so thankful to our Good Lord for this job!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fun With Maggie

Hi All - I am very behind on posting but I thought I would post some of the silly, crazy, and funny things Maggie has done recently.

The first story is from Thanksgiving at my in-laws. After eating turkey and all the trimmings, watching a great movie called "the Ultimate Gift" and playing outside we had some sandwiches for dinner before heading back to Cape Coral - a 3 hour drive. Maggie was eating her sandwich while her brothers sat and ate also. Some of them finished before her and asked Grammy for an apple. Maggie then decides that she would also like an apple. We tell her she may have one after she finishes her sandwich. After banging her hands on the counter and saying she wants apple and getting the same answer she decides on a different route. She takes what is left of her sandwich off of her plate and puts it on the loaf of bread in front of her. After doing this she proceeds to hand Grammy her empty plate and wait for her apple. Needless to say after watching this and hiding our laughter she still did not get the apple for she never finished her sandwich.

Today while I was our running errands Maggie was taking her nap. We have put her in a "big girl bed" - actually her crib converts to a day bed. Now that she is in a "big girl bed" we sometimes find her sleeping other places besides her bed at nap time. When Mike went in to check on her he found her asleep in the rocking chair. He was amazed that she could curl up and fit in such a small space and still be comfortable enough to sleep. As you can see she looks so sweet sleeping in her rocking chair with her blankets, pillow, and care bears.

The last one is the icing on the cake! Today after maggie woke up from her nap she kept telling Mike to "get it out" while pointing at her nose. We thought she had a big booger in there so we kept trying to clear out her nose. Then she tells Mike "to get it out" and shows him a popcorn seed. He asks me to look and see if she has a popcorn seed in her nose but I do not see one from the angle I am looking so I say "no" and think no more of it. About 10 minutes later she is rubbing her nose and saying "get it out" and getting ready to cry. I decide I better take a better look up her nose to make sure it is clear. I put her on my lap and tilt her head back and sure enough there is a popcorn see up her nose!!!! Luckily there is some space on the top so it is not totally lodged in. I tell her to blow her nose and she makes me get a kleenex first. While Mike is getting the tweezers I am able to push her nostril back enough to bring it forward and then I am able to use my little finger to get it out. Immediately afterwards she says "Better now". Amazing how that works isn't it? After all those boys she is the first of our kids to put something in their nose.

Oh my - here I am typing and she is at it again. Maggie has been chewing a piece of gum now for about an hour. This is amazing to me as it is since my boys never master the concept of chewing gum until they are about 4 or 5 and she is only two. The only problem is she likes to put it places and then go back a little later - like a minute or so - and chew it again. Well just a minute ago I asked her where her gum was. She runs over to our entertainment center - which is missing its door handles so it has two holes - and shows me her gum put neatly in the little hole where the handle should be. She then picks it up and starts chewing again.

I tell you she just cracks me up! She sure does keep us on our toes!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Go Illinois

Thank you Fighting Illini!!!

I never thought I would be so excited to see one team beat another, but today I am!! Thanks to the Fighting Illini for beating Ohio State! Because they came into Columbus and beat the Buckeyes it is now a show down between Michigan and Ohio State for the Rose Bowl. I am praying that Chad Henne and Mike Hart will be healthy enough to play next week in the 'Big House'. What a sweet victory it will be if Michigan can pull this off. Now - I am smart enough to see that Michigan will need it's home field advantage and Henne and Hart, but as we can see nothing is impossible. Go Blue!!

Biopsy Results

Yesterday I was told the results of my 2nd biopsy! What great news- they got all of the cells. I need to go back in 6 months for an all over skin check, but that is all! I am so happy. thanks for all of your prayers.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween, Chicago, And more

Yesterday was so much fun. In the afternoon the boys helped clean out the pumpkin so I cold make pumpkin seeds and Dad could carve the pumpkin. Then My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew came over for piza and trcik-or-treating. The kids all dressed up so cute a you can see. Mikey was the basketball head, RJ was a ninja, Ben was Darth Vader, my nephew Jake was a warrior, Kolbe was a football player, Nate was Captain Jack Sparrow, Christian was a fire Fighter, and Maggie was Dorothy. I must say it was so much fun dressing her up. She said trick-or-treat , Happy Halloween, and thank you when she got candy. She was a hit around the neighborhood as well as all of the kids. I must say I thought we would have a lot more trick-or-treaters than we did. Now I have tons of candy left over in addition to their haul.

Today I leave for Detroit so I can go to Austin's tournament in Chicago. I am really looking forward to the time with Austin and my family. It is going to be buys but wonderful. Austin and I are also going to be seeing some very dear friends while we are there. I can't wait it has been years since we have seen them.

Please keep prayingf or Mike's job situation. He did not get the city job. They gave it to someone with previous police dispatch experience. He did apply for 911 dispatch where we live and call taker for Ft. Myers. Please pray he gets a job soon. Also my job has ended. The company I work for has ceased operations. I am so bummed. It was a great job for at home and I was starting to earn a decent amount. I know God has a plan I just wish it involved jobs for our family.

Not much else new but you know I will be posting when I get back from Detroit.