Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Visit to the Nursing Home Tuesday

On Tuesday we went to a local nursing home with other home schoolers from our parish. Father came and said mass, we sang Carols, and then the kids helped give out gifts and even helped some of the residents open theirs.

this was such a wonderful experience for my kids. It is actually the first time we have done this. They were a little shy at first and taking in their surroundings. Once they warmed up they jumped right in.

Maggie tried to take a couple of the residents for rides, Kolbe helped open some gifts, Christian shook hands and said "Hello" to many of the was wonderful. It was so nice to see them interacting with the residents and seeing how happy the residents were to have children among them.

What Happens When a 4 yo Trys To Ride a 2 wheeler

About a week and a half ago Christian decided to take on rising a two wheeler. Unfortunately the bike won! Christian feel off and hurt his eye pretty good. He came in the house with blood coming out of the corner of his eye which was frightening. He had cut himself up under the eyelid in the corner. Luckily he was just swollen for a few days.

I am sure next time he will wait for someone to teach him how to ride and pick a slightly smaller bike!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

May Tracy and All The Souls...

Of the faithfully departed through the mercy of God rest in Peace - Amen

Yesterday our dear friend Tracy passed away after a year long fight. A year ago in October she had a heart aneurysm and during the open heart surgery to save her she suffered a stroke. She was badly brain damaged. She was on a feeding tube and respirator. Over the past year she started to make improvements - she was taking some breaths on her own occasionally and beginning to respond by movement and trying to open her eyes to familiar voices and music. Well - her heart gave out yesterday morning and they were unable to revive her. Tracy was such a wonderful person. She loved God and was a loyal and faithful friend. We will miss her very much but know she is on her way to the Lord. At least she is whole again and not suffering anymore.

We will miss you Tracy - God Bless your family and friends in their time of grief.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday To My Dear Husband

Today is my husband Mike's 37th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Mike! I am so proud of the husband and father you are. I love how open to life you are and how much you love all of us. No matter how big my faults you love me unconditionally.
I hope that you are blessed with a great year this coming year. May God Bless you and keep you close to his Heart.

I love you very much!! Thanks for all you do and for our beautiful children!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Remember With Me...

Today is one year since my D & C with Ambrose. This year has gone by so fast and yet I have cried many times over the loss of our precious Ambrose and our two other babies . It has been hard, but it is comforting knowing my babies are in heaven.

I remember so clearly going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving a year ago and telling everyone we were having a baby; a week later going to the doctor and there seeing my perfect little one with no heart beat. Crying all day and knowing that I was going to have a D & C 4 days later. Going in and wishing it wasn't true but knowing that I saw with my own eyes that there was no heartbeat and knowing it before they even told me. Feeling so much pain and being so sick after the surgery - two hours to come to - being sick for hours afterwards. The phone call the next morning from my doctor telling me that I had lost a lot of blood because the baby was not 12 weeks as we had thought but 4 weeks further - 16 weeks. Crying and crying with my hubby and kids. Feeling all those postpartum things but with no baby to hold and love....

Please pray for us today and remember with us.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Kolbe's First Reconciliation

Kolbe made his First Reconciliation on Saturday December 2nd. It is such a special day for all the kids. Kolbe did a wonderful job and had his Act Of Contrition all memorized.

Each child made a lamb and put their lamb on the banner after they made their Confession to Father. The kids also sang a song after they were all done. The following day they were announced at Mass and then there was cake and punch for them in the Parish Hall to celebrate their sacrament with them.

You see Kolbe with his lamb, waiting to go to confession, in front of the banner with all the lambs, and then at the parish hall with his buddy Jack after eating his cake.

Congratulations Kolbe!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Ben

Ok - I am the biggest slacker - I am way behind on Ben's Birthday post seeing as his birthday was November 20!
Ben turned nine this November and is just a delight. he is such a sweet and smart boy. he likes to play soccer and baseball. As you can see he got catchers gear for his birthday from Aunt Chris and Grandma and Grandpa. He loves it! He uses it as much as he can for now. Baseball season will put it into much more use.

We had a nice celebration at our house with Aunt Jenny, Uncle John, and Jake. Then we celebrated again at Thanksgiving with Grammy, Grandpa, Aunt Kris , and Uncle Brian. So much fun for such a wonderful and handsome boy.

God bless you this year Dear Ben!