Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Van is Fixed!!!

Thank you Lord- I am mobile again!! I must share with you the story of the miracle of getting our van fixed. Four months ago on April 23rd I posted on here how our van broke down on the way home form church. Well it looked intitally like the problem would be an easy fix. We would soon learn that the engine had died!! It had 235,ooo miles on it and it just was done. Well - at the time there just wasn't money to fix it. We knew it would be worth fixing as it is a good van, it just had lots of miles on it. We also knew that a new engine would go just as long. We waited and waited patiently - ok sort of - for extra money to get the van fixed. After many months I started to ask St. Rita for help - she is the saint of the impossible. I also began asking for your prayers. Well - it worked. God is so good and faithful. With the help of some wonderful friends in our homeschooling group who offered to help by taking up a collection we were able to get enough together to get our van fixed. Sunday was the first time in 4 months that we were able to drive to church together instead of making two trips or taking two spearate vehicles. The boys, Mike, and I were so happy and grateful. Thanks for helping us everyone and Praise God for the way he cares for even the smallest needs we have.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Big Boy haircut

Well - we finally broke down and cut Christian's hair. He was sooo cute with all his blode curls. In the first picture you can see them a little. His hair was longer and curlier than that . We decided he was starting to look girly so it was time. He now looks soooo big with his haircut. He is adorable as ever though.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Adding comments on my blog

Hi All - Some of you have had problems posting comments. Well - I fixed the problem in my security settings so any of you may now leave me comments. Love ya all - Me

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Big Girl

I can hardly believe how big Maggie has gotten. There are pictures of her in her first pretty pink nightgown. She looks so big walking around in her nightie. The other two pictures are just pics I took of her last Sunday. She was hating the adorable shoes because they are hard for her to walk in. She is a full time walker now and is getting her fourth tooth. She has also learned how to climb up the ladder to the boys bunk beds - YIKES!! Time goes by sooo fast. She will be one in a month and a half! Hope you all like the photos and I will be posting again soon.